Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lucifer asciende a la presidencia de Colombia

Juan Manuel Santos alias LUCIFER

Colombia is a culturally self-isolated country. I mean they have a mentality of their own. Colombians could be extremely friendly and at the same time make displays of profound intolerance and violence. They are friendly as long as you accept their social view of the world, a world divided into social classes with those at the bottom regarded as least trustworthy and those at the top always considered the most noble and deserving. Homeless, beggars, drug addicts, petty thieves and communists are seen as the dregs of society and considered the ultimate cause of every problem. To address the problem of the Colombian outcast, the upper classes have always resorted to violence. Thus, homeless and beggars are systematically assassinated on the streets and their bodies traded between corrupt forensic officials and medicine schools to later be used to train future Colombian doctors most of whom are members of wealthy families. They, of course, believe their approach hits the jackpot; it cleanses society of its most undesirable members, provides cheap bodies for training of doctors and advances scientific research. This type of cultural environment was what got a paramilitary and extreme right-wing guy like Alvaro Uribe elected and becoming one of the most popular presidents of the country in many decades. In addition to this, the military and economic support for the Uribe regime has meant the legitimation and consolidation of the dark side of the Colombian attitude and society. Colombians now feel they are doing the right thing as the American support for their atrocities is no longer elusive and is considered the reward they always dreamed or hoped for. Very likely to succeed Uribe is Juan Manuel Santos, alias Lucifer, another paramilitary supporter and member of one of the families that raise onto power in Colombia soon after the independence from Spain.


  1. The best name for our president. It is terrible and I am very worried about my country but worried about the people´s ignorance of Colombia too.
    Santos is like the devil himself naked!!
    or DIABLO EN PELOTA in spanish and ANTIOQUIA.

    Hugs from my blog: Reflexiones al desnudo !!